Update [Thu 12th May, 2022 15:30 BST] Nintendo of America has now published the recent overview trailer in English! The trailer details a number of skills and systems that you'll be able to play around with when kick-off starts on 10th June.

The two skills the trailer goes into in particular are:

  • Team Tackle - You can push a teammate into a rival player, and you can also use it to score!
  • Hyper Strike - Grab a Strike Orb, charge up your shot, and let your skills do the talking. Think Final Smash, but soccer-related! A Hyper Strike goal will net you two points — if you can land the shot!

The trailer also confirms that there will be 10 players on the field, each with different advantages, and gear that can affect your characters' stats. With eight-player local multiplayer and the ability to team up with a friend locally to play online, this will definitely cause a few fallings out.

We also get a look at Strikers Club, an online-exclusive mode that lets you create your own little Super Mario Premier League online, or join someone else's. You can gain points, and however many points you end up with at the end of a season will determine which division you can play in next time.

Looks like we'll be getting more updates as we approach the release of Battle League, so we'll stay in the crowd and keep watching for more enthralling soccer ball-striking news!

Original article [Fri 6th May, 2022 02:25 BST] Mario Strikers: Battle League is out next month on the Nintendo Switch and apart from the initial reveal we haven't seen all that much of this upcoming release. With this in mind, Nintendo has now released an extensive overview trailer for the game - highlighting more of the gameplay, characters, modifications that can be made to the players, and much more.

The catch is it's all in Japanese. Nintendo normally localises these trailers, but if you just want to see some more footage of the game sooner rather than later, this video that's close to five minutes is still well worth a look.

The Canada-based developer Next Level Games is once again responsible for this latest entry in the Mario Strikers series. Just last week it was spotted recruiting for future projects via social media and its official website. In related news, Nintendo has also sent the official Mario Strikers: Battle League website live in Japan.

What do you think of this latest footage? Will you be picking this one up when it arrives on 10th June? Leave a comment below.

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