Mario Strikers: Battle League
Image: Nintendo Life

After a period of silent treatment regarding Mario Strikers: Battle League (likely to keep the focus on Nintendo Switch Sports), it looks like Nintendo is finally looking to start boarding the hype train for its next big release.

We've already seen a brand new introductory video for the game (albeit in Japanese), and now Nintendo has shared some banging new key art via the official website. We get a fantastic look at some of the main cast of characters, but man, do they look angry!

Check out the full gallery below:

Mario MS
Luigi MS
Toad MS
Yoshi MS
Peach MS
Rosalina MS
Koopa MS
Wario MS
Waluigi MS
Bowser MS
Wario & Toad

What do you make of that? Hopefully we'll be seeing some more from the game in the run up to its release on June 10th, 2022. Don't forget too, if you pre-order from the My Nintendo Store in the UK, you can bag a cosy looking scarf as a little bonus!

Will you be kicking off with Mario Strikers: Battle League when it launches? Let us know in the comments section below.