Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Key Art
Image: Rabbit & Bear Studios

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (505 Games, May 10th, $14.99) - Launch into a thrilling adventure through ancient ruins with the tale of one town’s rise from the ashes. What begins as a simple treasure hunt turns into a dark conspiracy that will shake the world. Drawn by treasure in the nearby Runebarrows, our heroes learn that the town is struggling to rebuild after an earthquake, so they decide to help. But these Runebarrows hide a great secret with fateful implications. This action RPG introduces a portion of Eiyuden Chronicle’s cast of characters in an original story with thrilling combat and engaging town-upgrading elements.

Switch eShop - New Releases

Arcade Archives GAPLUS (HAMSTER, Apr 21st, $7.99) - "GAPLUS" is a shooter released by NAMCO (Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.) in 1984. All the vehicles from GALAGA are back and powered up, as hinted at by the title "GAPLUS"! Steal back a BLASTER HEAD and launch a counterattack! Now is the time for the ultimate warrior of the galaxy to emerge!

ABC Search With Me Extended Edition (Prison Games, Apr 29th, $11.99) - Discover new words and learn foreign languages in a fast, easy and fun way! BUNDLE INCLUDES "EXTRA MUSIC PACK"!

Arcade Archives YOUKAI DOUCHUKI (HAMSTER, Apr 28th, $7.99) - "YOUKAI DOUCHUKI" is a side-scrolling action game released by NAMCOBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.) in 1987. Players control "TAROSUKE", a mischievous, playful boy who always troubled his village with pranks. Eventually, the gods took "TAROSUKE" to the Entry to Hell as punishment, leaving him to experience the terrifying world there.

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying (BoomBit Games, Apr 28th, $9.99) - Spread your wings and start flying like you’ve never been before! Base Jump Wing Suit Flying allows you to take part in awesome and exciting extreme sports. Use Wingsuit to jump and fly over multiple cool environments and beat your high scores! This is the new kind of arcade flight experience!

Best Month Ever! (Klabater, May 5th, $19.99) - Take part in a roller coaster of emotions with Louise embarking on a road trip of a lifetime through the late 1960s USA, trying to show her son Mitch how to navigate the often cruel modern world.

BUNDLE CATS + DOG (GAME NACIONAL, May 7th, $19.99) - .cat is a beautiful 2D pixel art game for all ages. Where you are a cat, you must avoid obstacles and beat enemies looking for the end of each stage. .dog, a dog game in which you must jump onto all your foes in order to move to the next level. The game is super fun and rated for all ages. .cat milk is a white little cat who loves to jump and to get into adventures around the town until he finds milk to drink. Once he accomplishes his mission, then it is time to go home.

Car Parking Simulator (BoomHits, Apr 29th, $12.99) - Drive, Drift and Park Muscle Cars and Super-cars, MPV’s, Pickups Trucks, Family Sedans and SUV’s. Keep the area clean with the Road Sweeper truck and make deliveries to the store in the Freight Truck. Drive shoppers to the store in the City Bus and take your family shopping in the Family Car, Camper and 4x4 pickups! There is something for everyone in Car Parking Simulator!

Casino Heaven: Slots & Bonus Games (T-Bull, May 5th, $9.99) - Welcome to Casino Heaven! Are you ready for an intense game full of excitement? There is a lot to be won, starting with respect and ending with a lot of virtual cash! Casino Heaven has three game modes differing by symbols, bet sizes, winnings, and unique games.

Citizen Sleeper (Fellow Traveller, May 5th, $19.99) - Live the life of an escaped worker, washed-up on a lawless station at the edge of an interstellar society. Inspired by the flexibility and freedom of Tabletop RPGs, explore the station, choose your friends, escape your past and change your future.

Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection (FIVE-BN STUDIO, May 2nd, $19.99) - The evil spirit tricked you. Now you have to make everything right, because others have tried and failed for centuries... “Darkness and Flame. Enemy in Reflection” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests. Power of the Flame is restored, Alice and her friends escaped from the Dark Army. In search of a place to rest, they stop at a strange glade and allow themselves to relax... However, in this new hostile world, one cannot lose its vigilance even for a minute. And the reckoning for carelessness will not take long...

Fly Cat (GAME NACIONAL, Apr 30th, $3.99) - This is a game where your goal is to keep pressing a button, perfect timing, to help a flying cat pass by enraged dogs.

Landing Hero Haneda x 787 (Sonic Powered, Apr 28th, $29.99) - You are the pilot of the 787 and you are about to finish a long flight, your mission is to control and land the plane safely. At the end of the flight, a thrilling landing is waiting for you!

LilyDeux Black Lily Warning (Mediascape, Apr 28th, $15.00) - This is the story of the battle of the girls "Lily" who have mysterious abilities. These girls are bonded by friendship. That is "coupling". Only more power can change a school dominated by violence!

Nirvana (RedDeerGames, May 6th, $6.99) - 80s SCI-FI NOSTALGIA Nirvana is filled with a retro sci-fi anime vibe - neon lights, beautiful women and ultra-fast spaceships. It's also an ode to classic racing games from the DOS era combined with an engaging visual novel! In addition to racing on 10 retro-themed, low poly tracks there are many decisions to make in the game, with 5 different story endings!

Our Ninja World (SAT-BOX, Apr 28th, $12.72) - Take on our top-secret training games and transform into the ultimate ninja! Pass around Joy-Con controllers and play with up to four players! We've got every tool a ninja needs—throwing stars, ninja swords, grappling hooks, and even flying squirrels! Learn an array of ninjutsu skills!

Pixel Game Maker Series Fish Tornado (Gotcha Gotcha Games, Apr 28th, $4.99) - Wars for living spaces in the deep is brutal business! Join forces with neutral white fish and defeat all of your enemies! Menacing bosses are also lurking in the deep! Use your wits to defeat enemies! Aim for the shortest clear time! Supports up to 4 players local PVP with multiple Joy-Con controllers!

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2: (NIS America, 10th May, $39.99) - Guess who’s back with a brand new pack, dood! That’s right, NIS Classics is making a comeback and bringing you two console classics revamped and ready for action. Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound debuts diabolical schemes with brand new content! Help Lord Zetta invade and reclaim the Netherworld, and when your conquest for evil subsides, ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman has custom characters to kick enemy butt right to the curb! Get lost in the deep customization system to create a one-of-a-kind fighter to battle your way through randomly-generated maps and create a story all your own!

RESEARCH and DESTROY (Spike Chunsoft, Apr 26th, $19.99) - Take control of three brilliant scientists as you RESEARCH and develop strange new weapons and gadgets to DESTROY the Supernatural hordes that have all but crushed humanity! RESEARCH - Gain fresh insight into the Supernatural threat via battlefield vivisections, then develop radical upgrades for each weird weapon and fascinating gadget!

Rifftrax: The Game (Wide Right Interactive, May 5th, £9.99) - Grab your friends and make fun of some of the worst cinematic abominations ever created. RiffTrax has been bringing their comedic commentary to movies for over 15 years - now’s your chance to riff along with them! Do you have what it takes to be the next movie riffing genius?

Rogue Lords Day One Edition (Nacon, Apr 28th, $24.99) - The first roguelike in which you play as the devil, which means you can change some of the game's rules to your advantage! Run after run, manage your team of famous evil geniuses as they encounter unforeseen events and turn-based combat. Unlock new skills, create powerful synergies and use your powers to turn the situation in your favour at critical moments. Only by collecting ancient artefacts can you finally take your revenge on the Demon Hunters.

Soft Drift (Weakfish Studio, Apr 29th, $2.50) - Soft Drift is a Speed Based Car Drift Game with Simple and Soft Graphics. You must pass the levels in the short time given to you by drifting with your vehicle. You must have a quick and good reflex. You must complete 21 Levels in a short time, You must collect all the Gas Cans in the Chapters. You must hurry up! The Car Is Running Out Of Gas Too Fast And Collect All The Gas Cans To Pass The Levels! There are 21 levels designed differently from each other in the game.

SOTANO (M9 GAMES, Apr 29th, $4.99) - Driving home from the airport you glance at your fuel gauge and notice the needle is hitting the red line. Starting to feel tired you decide to take a little known short cut through a quiet village, the shorter drive will save fuel rather than stopping to fill up. “It’ll be fine, I just want to get home” you say to yourself. Passing some of the large old houses the car begins to make some strange noises and you realise you have pushed your luck, rolling slowly to a halt in front of one of the largest houses on the street. How embarrassing. You decide to swallow your pride and knock the door for help.

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator (Strange Scaffold, Apr 29th, $19.99) - ORGANS. Everyone has them, and everyone wants them. You are an Organ Trader, the funnel for fleshy meat parts into a strange, evolving, and desperate universe full of clients. Contend with the cutthroat organ market. Trade viscera with dubious figures. Keep vampire-leech organs from devouring the rest of the goods inside your cargo hold. Flood galaxies with meat. Make a profit. This is Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator: the sci-fi body horror market tycoon you didn't know you needed.

Super Mike: Classic Adventure Game (T-Bull, May 5th, $9.99) - Dive into an adventure in a diverse world full of dangers and beautiful landscapes. Defeat your opponents, collect valuable coins, and be precise during the crossing! Are you brave enough to go on such an unpredictable journey?

The Hong Kong Massacre / BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION Bundle (Untold Tales, Apr 25th, $39.98) - If there are two things most people love in life, it’s science fiction and blasting things! We’ve put together two of our titles in a special package that will have you exploring African-inspired future landscapes and shooting your way through legions of adversaries in the underworld of Hong Kong. This is an epic bundle you don’t want to miss!

Threaded (Ocean Media, Apr 28th, $9.99) - Threaded is a puzzle game that's all about putting together pixel art pictures! Draw colourful links between different points, and complete lots of different original pixel artwork. Experience simple yet rewarding gameplay, soothing visuals and music, and even in-game trivia and fun facts — all in Threaded! -72 challenging puzzles! -Cute, embroidered pixel puzzle art -Fun trivia questions -Beautiful relaxing acoustic soundtrack -Simple zoom and hint functions

Unsouled (NEOWIZ, Apr 27th, $19.99) - Unsouled is a 2D action RPG game requiring immense elaborate control. Take a break from repetitive attack and dodge action by challenging yourself with the world of Unsouled.

Virtual Piano (Peaksel, Apr 28th, $9.99) - For all of you who have Chopin lying within, here is a new musical keyboard app: Virtual Piano simulator! Play the piano, try out 3 different instrument sounds and have fun! Virtual musical instruments have been popular from the moment touchscreen phones were invented. Piano musical keyboard is without doubt the most popular one. What this virtual piano app has to offer is a musical keyboard with simple design and easy to use interface. Just open the app and there you have it - a piano simulator which will make the time fly by so fast you won't even notice it. Download Virtual Piano keyboard app and enjoy your new hobby!

WAIFU Impact (JanduSoft, Apr 28th, $4.99) - WAIFU IMPACT is a third-person shooter, immersive single-player game in a paradisiac deserted island. Equip yourself with a watergun and unlock all the waifus! It's so hot, so why don't you come to Waifu Island? The cutest girls are waiting for you, let's have some fun! Watergun in hand, find all the stars and unlock the 8 beautiful girls! Increase your affinity with the girls defeating your enemies with them and then check out the gallery to see what they have for you! - Read our WAIFU Impact review

War Mines Collection (Silesia Games, May 5th, $3.99) - Interact with the story of World War I (the Great War) and World War II by solving puzzles, finding land, naval, and anti-tank mines, and win the war! Clear minefields in a variety of different scenarios and guide soldiers to victory! Help clear the ground to build medical camps, airstrips for fighter planes, and more. If you like puzzles, World War I, and World War II stories, and are looking for simple, minimalist fun, this is your game.

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