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  • EU 25th Apr 2022
  • US 25th Apr 2022, $19.99
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RESEARCH and DESTROY is a TURN-BASED ACTION GAME with local and online co-op. Take control of three brilliant scientists as you RESEARCH and develop strange new weapons and gadgets to DESTROY the Supernatural hordes that have all but crushed humanity!

RESEARCH - Gain fresh insight into the Supernatural threat via battlefield vivisections, then develop radical upgrades for each weird weapon and fascinating gadget!

DESTROY - Plan ahead, then run-and-gun in a combination of turn-based strategy and real-time shooting--every second counts!

CO-OP - Tailor your scientists’ appearance, then drop in local and online co-op with friends at any time!

CAMPAIGN - Adapt your guerrilla science tactics to manage the campaign map and seek the Supernatural source--no two playthroughs are the same!