My Fantastic Ranch
Image: Nacon / Piece of Cake

Pretty much every type of game can be found on the Switch, including a range of sims. We have serious options like Civilization VI and quirky titles like Two Point Hospital, among many examples, and now publisher Nacon is planning to release a colourful game in the genre that'll be suited to younger players.

Developed by Piece of Cake, My Fantastic Ranch is due in the second half of the year and will be "a management game for young players set in a magical world inhabited by fantastic creatures". The initial announcement doesn't come with a trailer, but the following description sets the tone:

The gameplay, designed to be easy for children to access, involves developing and managing a dream ranch. The player has to adopt and care for new dragons and unicorns, arrange riding lessons and match the right student to the right creature, watching them progress together and helping them participate in events and tournaments that will raise the ranch’s profile.

It'll be interesting to see how this turns out - the Switch caters well to young gamers (unsurprisingly) and this could be another good option when it arrives. We'll keep an eye out for further details and gameplay footage in the coming weeks.