Silent Hill
Image: Konami

A little while back, we reported on a trademark renewal for Konami's Silent Hill IP. Of course, while such a move is hardly confirmation of new entries to the franchise, there appears to be mounting evidence of new Silent Hill games releasing in the coming months and years.

According to our friends at VGC, Konami is working on not one, not two, but three different Silent Hill projects. The first is a full sequel to the series, said to be in development by a Japanese studio. Our sister site Push Square reported on a series of images leaked by Twitter user AestheticGamer; images, mind you, that were swiftly removed under a copyright claim. What's notable is that one of the images is said to be a piece of concept art by none other than Masahiro Ito, known for his historical work on the Silent Hill franchise.

Considering this game is reported to be a full sequel, the likelihood of it arriving on Switch is admittedly slim, at best. This might also be the case for Konami's second project: a full Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, famous for its work on Layers of Fear and The Medium. Reports point to this title being a potential timed exclusive to PlayStation consoles, so while we may see this one on Xbox at some point (assuming it's real, of course), a release on Switch is, again, unlikely.

Our best bet might be in the form of Konami's third project, which is said to be a smaller, episodic series of "short stories". Publisher Annapurna Interactive is currently rumoured to be attached to the project, and is known for its previous work on games such as Sayonara Wild Hearts, Kentucky Route Zero, and Twelve Minutes. Considering the smaller scale, this is perhaps most likely to appear on Switch.

Of course, it goes without saying that all of this information should be taken with a pretty huge pinch of salt. Images leaked by AestheticGamer appear to be most concrete evidence of new Silent Hill content we've seen yet, but nothing should be considered 'confirmed' until Konami says so.

What do you make of the rumoured Silent Hill games? Do you think any of them has any hope of arriving on Switch? Let us know in the comments.