Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy - a new game inspired by the famous Harry Potter book and movie series - is coming to the Switch later this year.

While Warner Bros., Avalanche and Portkey Games have already shown off the extensive gameplay reveal, and now they've released something a little bit different. This time around it's an ASMR video featuring some of the environments from the game - from the castle grounds to Hogsmeade.

"The rain is falling on a calm spring evening in Hogwarts Legacy - time to unwind with a quiet stroll through the castle grounds and beyond to Hogsmeade. Enjoy the sounds of the wizarding world."

The Hogwarts Legacy channel has also uploaded one other video since the initial gameplay reveals - featuring the development team talking about what to expect from this upcoming release, and how much it has drawn on the series' lore.

When Hogwarts Legacy does arrive in 'Holiday 2022' players can look forward to an experience free of microtransactions. The game won't have any online or co-op gameplay and is designed to be a single-player experience.

Will you be trying this game out on the Nintendo Switch when it is released later this year? Tell us in the comments.

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