If you are the kind of person that cried when the tiny Yarn Yoshi amiibo were announced, and then again when Mega Yarn Yoshi arrived, then prepare yourself for this next salvo of fluffy Yoshi content: Gelato Pique, the Japanese brand responsible for Animal Crossing slippers and soft PJ versions of Mario's overalls, has expanded their Yoshi-branded clothing to include a bunch of pastel Yoshi clothing and accessories.

The "Colorful Yoshi" line includes:

  • Fluffy hoodies in green, pink, and blue with matching shorts
  • Pastel Yoshi-print bags, organisers, blankets, and pouches
  • Yoshi hand towels in blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple (it comes in egg packaging!)
  • Yoshi-print nightgowns

Here are some photos of the collection:

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Customers who pre-order anything from the Yoshi Collection will receive a limited-edition Yoshi bag in Gelato Pique's signature pastel blue, with a sleeping Yoshi on the side (while stocks last).

And here's the link if you want to pre-order anything — Gelato Pique USA ships internationally, shipment will start in June 2022, and each customer is limited to three items per product type:

Are you likely to pick up anything from the collection, or is it a little out of your price range? Would you prefer to have a different Mario sidekick? Let us know in the comments!