AC x Gelato Pique

We want to wear fluffy Nook pyjamas. We want to have a big Tommy/Timmy pillow to squeeze when times are hard. But, alas, we will not get the chance, for loungewear brand Gelato Pique is only releasing their new Animal Crossing: New Horizons collab in Japan.

The collection was first released last year, with fuzzy hoodies, cute blankets, and bags based on the hit pandemic video game.

The latest additions to the collection are these pyjama sets, a cushion, and slippers modelled after everyone's favourite Tanooki shopkeeper children, all of which are available only until Valentine's Day.

AC x Gelato Pique
Image: Nintendo

Do you think you'll ever be okay again after finding out that these slippers exist? Tell us about your cold feet in the comments.