Publisher RedDeerGames has announced that Balloon Flight will be drifting its way onto the Switch this week, launching on May 27th. The game's title, of course, sounds like Balloon Fight, but in terms of gameplay, it looks quite different, indeed.

The game utilises a first-person perspective and sees you both deploy and burst balloons via a specialised weapon. The general premise is to use the balloons (presumably filled with helium) to lift up a platform and effectively fly it through targets and reach your destination.

Here's some more info from RedDeerGames:

Enjoy the view - Get ready for incredible landscapes and unique settings. Take your time to soak in the incredible view. Soar through the sky, by controlling your glider. Increase or decrease the altitude and make sharp turns to avoid dangerous traps. Your trusted balloon-gun is the only ally you can count on.
Every second counts - Do your best to glide through the rings and increase your time limit. Every flying island has one although sometimes getting to it can be a bit tricky. Getting those precious seconds requires your full focus.
Unlock new balloons - Increase your score and unlock new balloon skins. Most of them come with a certain milestone, but some will require…extra effort.

Are you up for some floaty fun when Balloon Flight launches this week? Let us know with a comment!