It's still hard to believe that the Switch has now been in our lives for over 5 years. Granted, there were about 2 years there that many of us would probably rather forget thanks to the "Virus That Shall Not Be Named", but to think that Nintendo's latest console came out in 2017 and we're now barrelling through 2022 is frankly bonkers.

Our lovely video producer Felix has been feeling the wistful threads of nostalgia recently, and - likely due to a recent purchase of the Switch OLED - has sat down to talk through his first year with the console, the games he played, and what pushed him to purchase the system in the first place.

It's a great look into the launch of the Switch, as well as a glance at our boy Felix's personal history with Nintendo and its franchises. For example, did you know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the first game that Felix played in the franchise? Yep! We're so jealous he got to dive into such a rich selection of Zelda titles for the first time.

Give the video a watch, then let us know in the comments what made you purchase the Switch and what you played during its first year of life!