Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the 'massive expansion' heading to the Switch / PC title on 30th June, will no doubt seek to emulate the success of the Iceborne expansion that was previously released for Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC. An information blowout in mid-March set the scene for what will hopefully be an exciting addition.

Capcom is continuing its consistent promotion of the expansion, and most recently has shared extended looks at key areas. At the top of the page is a tour of the Citadel that can be found in the new land, which will be a key location for tackling new Master Rank quests. It has some intriguing medieval / Dark Souls vibes.

The YouTube channel also shared a longer look at a fight with Garangolm, a new monster and one of the three 'Lords' at the heart of the expansion's story. It looks slow but powerful, with its unique trait of hitting out with two elemental attacks - fire and water.

Finally, there's a little look at your room on a houseboat, which looks rather neat!

As a reminder, the Sunbreak expansion is unlocked after the initial endgame of the main title - you'll need to reach and clear 7* quest 'Serpent: Goddess of Thunder' to access it.

There's still plenty of time to practice and prepare for the Sunbreak DLC - let us know if you're planning to pick it up this Summer.