N64 Transfer Pak
Image: Nintendo Life

There's already been some incredibly exciting news this week about Nintendo possibly adding Game Boy games to the Switch Online library after emulators for these classic handheld systems were leaked, and it seems there may be even more surprises on the way...

Nintendo could also potentially be adding Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak support in the future, which would add connectivity between the N64 and Game Boy services. According to new information from reliable leaker and Nintendo World Report contributor Emily Rogers, Nintendo has already tested out connectivity between N64 and Game Boy games (via Famiboards).

“Nintendo tested multiple N64 games for Game Boy connectivity...Back in September 2021, I talked about Pokémon Stadium being one of those potential games.”

The same source previously made reference to this in September last year - mentioning on Twitter how Pokémon Stadium could be one of the releases for Switch Online's N64 service.

"N64 on NSO will have a much stronger library than N64 on Virtual Console. I had even heard tiny whispers about Pokémon Stadium - a game that never released on Virtual Console. I'm not sure if that's still currently in the cards though. There may be challenges with that."


Dataminer and Nintendo Life user LuigiBlood has also confirmed that the N64 app for Switch Online includes references to Transfer Pak support in the code "but only to activate (on/off) the device, and nothing for the games themselves" (via VGC).

The leaked Nintendo GBA emulator is codenamed "Sloop" and the Game Boy emulator is known as "Hiyoko". The supposed games tested for the GBA one have also been leaked. Link cable emulation is also believed to have been tested...

N64 Transfer Pak
Image: Nintendo Life

Would you like to see Nintendo offer Transfer Pak support for its Switch Online N64 service? Drop a comment down below.

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