Quite a lot of video games are violent, as we aim for headshots or pummel thugs, though Ravenous Devils still finds a way to push buttons in a different way. It's a game that describes itself as a 'psycho-horror cooking simulator', and makes sure you really deal with the violence on offer.

Playing out like a grisly horror movie concept, you run a pub and tailor business in 19th Century London, and due to spiralling meat and resource prices you obtain materials through other means. The game seems to play out as real-time resource management / strategy, and is undoubtedly rather gnarly (definitely an 18+).

The key to success? Loyal (and delicious) clients of course! Once they step in however, most never come out. Use Percival to slaughter shoppers looking for a new outfit, dropping their lifeless bodies through a hidden trapdoor, where Hildred’s concoctions of meat pies, sausages, and steaks made out of human flesh are served on a platter, unbeknownst to those who have the twisted pleasure in eating them. The leftover clothes? Percival will mix-and-match, patch them up, and flog them as his own fashionable garments.

Will you be able to continuously point and click to alternate cooking, stitching, cleaning, upgrading equipment, and expanding their empire, or will the blood on their hands become too much for them to hide?

It's certainly horrific and a rather interesting concept for a game - it arrives on Switch on 29th April.