Final Fantasy VI merchandise has up jumping out of our seats in excitement. The much-beloved sixth entry in the legendary Final Fantasy series — which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year — rarely gets much attention from Square Enix. That's despite a successful PC and mobile remaster earlier this year as part of the Pixel Remaster series, which we desperately want on the Switch.

Well, perhaps there's a reason there hasn't been much merch for Final Fantasy VI — for one big blow-out celebration. Square Enix has unveiled an utterly gorgeous statue of one of the game's main protagonists, Terra, atop a Magitek armour. It's a recreation of the game's iconic logo, crafted in stunning detail. Just feast your eyes on it:

Now, let's share a machine translation of the tweet which sheds light on something pretty eye-watering.

SQEX MASTERLINE FFVI has a selling price of 1,485,000 yen (tax included),
Scheduled to be released on July 28, 2023,
Limited to 600 pieces worldwide (of which 150 are in Japan).
※ Allocation in each country is subject to change depending on the order status.
※ Reservations will end as soon as the number of production is reached.

You're reading that correctly — the statue costs nearly 1.5 million yen. This means that this green-haired Terra Branford, riding majestically atop of a Magitek armour, just like she does in the snowfields outside of Narshe at the beginning of the game, just like on the game's logo, will cost you nearly $12,000. Or just over £9,000 (Yes, we realise the joke is there. Not this time.). We're crying. You're crying. All of our wallets are crying.

If you can actually afford this, there are only 600 of them available, so you might want to snap one up. We're jealous if you can. We want one for the office.

Look, Square Enix, it's an incredible statue, but if the Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi thinks it's too expensive, maybe it's too expensive (Thanks for the translation, @Cheesemeister3k!):

To celebrate pre-orders opening for the statue, Square Enix interviewed the man who designed the original logo that the statue is based on, the world-renowned series artist Yoshitaka Amano, and asked him about his thoughts on the statue. His first impression of this piece of art was "Wow, it really exists." The artist also talks about his experience working on the legendary Super Nintendo RPG, and how he applied his knowledge of working with science fiction outside of the Final Fantasy brand to this steampunk-inspired adventure.

Terra was a rare example of a female protagonist back in the mid-'90s, and though the question of who the real protagonist of Final Fantasy VI is often debated, there's no denying that Terra is the heart of the game, and one of the most iconic characters in the series.

You can see from the video just how big the statue really is — imagine how heavy that thing is, then! That explains why Amano wants to display the statue — we assume he's getting one, given what he says in the video — somewhere for everyone to enjoy. But he also wants to store it safely. So he wants two?

It's a beautiful recreation of an iconic piece of artwork, with every little detail of the Magitek captured perfectly. There's even a little Mog cameo, perhaps as a reference to the Western SNES box art?

Sigh. Well, we can at least admire this from a distance. Maybe someone could create a Square Enix museum to display these statues in?