Super Mario Bros: The Great Mission To Rescue Princess Peach! has been given the 4K treatment and is now available to watch online.

The anime, originally released in 1986 after the success of Super Mario Bros. on the NES, has been available to watch online for quite a while, but this marks the first time the movie has received a significant bump in visual quality to 4K. Boosts to the resolution, colour correction, and brand new subtitles have all been added to make the experience even more weird and wonderful than ever before. You can download the full movie over on Internet Archive.

Femboy Films, the team behind the restoration, has managed to complete the project thanks to obtaining a “16mm reduction print likely used for small, local screenings back in the day”, which the team believe to be “one of the, if not the only surviving print in the world.”

This is a remarkable effort to preserving one of Nintendo's most unique adaptations; a movie that the company would no doubt rather see buried in the depths of history thanks to its bizarre take on the world of Mario. When it comes to the fans, however, there's seemingly just no stopping them.

What do you make of the new 4K restoration to one of Nintendo's most bizarre adaptations? Let us know!

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