Mickey Mouse 01
Image: Disney

Kingdom Hearts is kind of in the bad books with Nintendo fans at the moment. After years of requesting the franchise make its debut on the Nintendo Switch, we got what we asked for... albeit via an awful Cloud Version. We said the port was "incredibly disappointing" in our review of the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece, awarding it a 5/10.

Still, despite this, it's quite fun seeing the series get a nod from Disney itself, with the latest Disney+ Mickey Mouse special - 'The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse' - featuring none other than Kingdom Key D, the key blade that Mickey Mouse wields for the majority of the series.

It's not often that Disney itself makes reference to Kingdom Hearts, so to see this fun little nod definitely brought a smile to our faces, regardless of our feelings towards the Cloud Versions of the series on Switch.

In fact, Storyboard Revisionist Amber Vucinich expressed her thanks via the below tweet for the inclusion of the key blade, before wishing the franchise a "happy almost 20th anniversary" (wow, has it been that long?).

Although Switch fans have got to put up with Cloud Versions for the games, it's not all doom and gloom. The series' protagonist - Sora - rounded out the insane fighter roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, releasing back on October 18th, 2021.

Will you be checking out The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse on Disney+? Did you pick up the Cloud Versions of Kingdom Hearts on Switch? Let us know!

[source kh13.com, via twitter.com]