Elden Ring
Image: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring is an astonishing video game, but it's not on Switch – at least not yet, anyway (or perhaps ever – it's one seriously ambitious understanding from a technical perspective and it breaks our heart to admit it might never be possible on Nintendo's hybrid console).

However, that doesn't mean that some less clued-up Switch owners won't have seen the positive reviews and pondered to themselves about the game perhaps being available on Nintendo's console. One person has actually gone a step closer and made their own (totally non-functional) version of the game.

As spotted by Twitter user Daniel Olimac, someone has created a fake Switch version of Elden Ring, right down to including a game card with an Elden Ring label on it – and they're selling it, too.

Thankfully, they're honest enough to say that it's just a spot of fun and isn't actually the 'real deal', but we can imagine a few people might get caught out here. It looks so convincing!

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