They say that the true definition of madness is repeating the same action and hoping for a different result. Well, good news! OXIDE Room 104 won't make you do that. Instead, you'll be repeating the same action and hoping against all hope that something new will happen — something new that isn't your legs getting sawn off or some awful mouth-beast trying to eat you. Fun!

If you're not a fan of gore and body-horror, this is most definitely not the game for you, as you'll have to work through tough decisions and quick-time events to try to avoid all the horrible fates that await you, and if you fail, you'll wake up in the same bathtub in Room 104, and you'll have to start fresh... but the motel you're trapped in will change with every new escape attempt. Oh, and you're being stalked by a "hideous creature" who really wants you dead. Double fun!

OXIDE Room 104 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon (Summer 2022) and will be getting both a digital and physical release.