Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, Natsume's and Tengo Project's long-awaited new entry in the Pocky & Rocky series, is coming out in the west this summer! We only have to wait a few short months longer than our friends in Japan, too, as we'll be able to throw hanafuda and transform with our fluffy-tailed friend on 24th June.

In anticipation of the game's Japanese release on the 21st April, the developers released a new gameplay trailer today, showcasing the frantic card-throwing, Yokai-slaying gameplay.

Don't forget, you can pre-order Pocky & Rocky Reshrined right now, or you can pop over to Strictly Limited Games and check out their limited editions. We think you'll find it hard to resist that little Rocky plush or the box!

Will you be picking this up on 24th June? Let us know.

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