The Metal Max series hasn't had a ton of success outside of Japan. In fact, only two games have ever seen the light of day over in the west - Metal Saga, and Metal Max Xeno (which is getting an enhanced rerelease on Switch) - and whenever they have made it over here, they've rarely attracted bounds of adoring critical attention.

So, how do you win fans and critics back? Dogs.

Metal Dogs launches on Switch on 8th April in Japan, and publish Kadokawa Games has released a brand new trailer showcasing all of the ruff-and-ready shooting from the three lead dogs - Shiba Inu Pochi, Bell the Doberman, and the Bulldog called Bonanza. We wanted to remind you of the names because they're absolutely perfect.

Each pup will be getting a plethora of costumes from army outfits, cardboard cars, hippos, and angel wings. So you can make sure your hounds look great while diving into this roguelike shooter. So eat your heart out, Returnal.

We don't know whether we'll get Metal Dogs out here in the west, so don't get your hopes up, but we'd love to see what difference dogs make to the Metal Max series.

Will you be importing Metal Dogs? Let us know in the comments.