Horizon Chase Turbo
Image: Aquiris

Epic Games has snatched up yet another partnership within the industry. This time, the Fortnite developer has shaken hands with Brazilian developer Aquiris, who created the rather brilliant polygonal racer Horizon Chase Turbo.

This is the latest deal that the studio has reached, following on from acquiring Harmonix last year. This partnership is a little bit different, however, as Epic is simply investing in the company rather than outright nabbing them for their own. The two studios have also entered into a multi-game publishing agreement for some unannounced multiplatform games. That means we might well be seeing more Aquiris games on the Switch.

Mauricio Longoni, CEO of Aquiris, sounded extremely positive about the deal:

“We are thrilled to partner with Epic Games. It’s a strong endorsement of what Aquiris has built so far, and we can’t wait to show the world what we are working on together. Epic’s publishing power and close collaboration with us on tech, business intelligence, and product development will help us boost the quality and the reach of our titles.”

Hector Sanchez, who heads up Epic Games' third-party publishing sector, will be joining the board of directors at the Brazilian company, heaped praise on the studio:

“Aquiris not only have a keen eye for quality game experiences, but have demonstrated great artistic and technical capabilities with their utilization of Unreal Engine in their products. We’re honored to have this opportunity to strengthen our relationship with one of the premiere studios in the growing and important Latin American development scene.”

Aquiris' best-known game is probably Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, an adventure game where you can build, solve puzzles, and go on role-playing adventures across four different campaigns. There's also a Discover mode where players can create and share their own games that they've built within Wonderbox. The game is currently only available on Apple devices, but its penchant for experimentation and bright visuals would make this the perfect game to port to Switch.

Let us know what you think of the deal or if you'd like to see Wonderbox or any other Aquiris games come to Switch in the comments!

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