The classic 1993 NES beat-em-up Battletoads & Double Dragon is getting a fancy new re-release courtesy of Retro-Bit Publishing.

The Rare-developed crossover launched on NES before later making its way to the SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy. Retro-Bits collector's edition will include an individually-numbered deluxe hardcover box that is scaled to the dimensions of traditional 8-Bit cartridge packaging for display continuity. It will also house a Jumpin' Jade cartridge for compatible 8-Bit systems and include a full-color instruction manual.

Finally, if you enjoy displaying your physical media, the game will include an acrylic stand for your cartridge, complete with pixelated characters from the Battletoads and Double Dragon franchises.

You can order the game via Limited Run and Castlemania Games now for the price of $59.99.

Will you be picking up the Battletoads & Double Dragon re-release? Let us know with a comment.