Big Brain Academy
Image: Nintendo

The DS title Big Brain Academy made a surprise comeback on the Nintendo Switch at the end of last year and it seems physical sales of the game are quite healthy.

According to the head of, Christopher Dring, it's become quite the sleeper hit for Nintendo - with strong physical sales across Europe. In fact, it's apparently outselling games like the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy and Forza Horizon 5, and that's without digital sales.

"Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain is proving to be a little sleeper hit for Nintendo. It's sold well across Europe since its release in November. Even without digital sales (Nintendo doesn't share), it's still sold more than the GTA Trilogy and Forza Horizon 5"

If you've not tried out this game on the Nintendo Switch yet, there's a free demo of the game you can download from the eShop. You can also read our Nintendo Life review, we thought it was great - awarding it eight out of ten stars.

Have you contributed to physical sales of Big Brain Academy on the Nintendo Switch? Drop a comment down below.

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