MK8 Splatoon
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has been continuing its promotion of online and competitive play in some key titles, albeit without blowing the doors off and gaining a lot of attention. Particularly through the Nintendo Versus account it highlights frequent competitions in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2, in particular.

The next MK8 Deluxe North American Open has had a bit of extra promotion from the broader Nintendo of America account, no doubt tapping into expectation for this week's release of DLC through the 'Booster Course Pass'.

Like previous contests of this type it takes place through official 'Tournaments' setup in the game, and is only open to NA-based players aged 13+. There'll be three opportunities to compete, with a full run in the tournament consisting of 24 races; the prize is worth a cool $25 to spend on the eShop.

The race is on for 3 days:

- March 25, 2022 12PM PT - 6PM PT
- March 26, 2022 12PM PT - 6PM PT
- March 27, 2022 12PM PT - 6PM PT

The top 8 players each day will each win 2500 My Nintendo Gold Points to redeem on Nintendo eShop!

To enter the Tournament, select the following, in order, within the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game: Online Play, Tournaments, Search by Code. Then enter the following code:

- Tournament Day 1 ID: 2505-9356-8299
- Tournament Day 2 ID: 0102-0961-7451
- Tournament Day 3 ID: 4289-6892-8811

These 'Open' events have been running for a good while, though hopefully with the new content on the way in ML8 Deluxe - and an extended PR push - they'll grow in popularity and lead to Nintendo upping the ante across its various games.