Triangle Strategy Art
Image: Square Enix


We've now also shared our Triangle Strategy review; minor spoiler, we like it a lot.

Original Article:

We're only days away from the release of Triangle Strategy, Square Enix's HD-2D tactical RPG. Turn-based tactical RPG fans around the world have been clamouring for a brand new entry in the genre from the company that brought us Final Fantasy Tactics. And from the sounds of an early review, it looks like we're in for a treat.

Famed Japanese magazine Famitsu has published their thoughts on the game (thanks, Nintendo Everything), with three reviewers giving Triangle Strategy a 9, and the fourth giving it an 8. That's 35/40, which is pretty darn promising!

It seems like Square Enix and Artdink (of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World fame) have taken a lot of feedback from those who tried out the very first demo, because the prologue demo — which you can still download now — showed a lot more finesse and promise. Our impressions on the demo were pretty positive, and appear to line up with Famistu's thoughts on the final game. We praised the meaty tactical combat, the amount of freedom between battles, and the deep political intrigue. Just make sure, you're ready for lots of cutscenes.

We'll have some more detailed thoughts on Triangle Strategy in the near future. For now, we want to know if you're excited for the game, and now that Live A Live is a thing, what other games you like to see remade in HD-2D? Drop a comment below!

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