Remember Temtem? It feels like we were just talking about it, but in reality, it's actually been a few years now since we got a proper update about the upcoming Switch release.

If you have wondered what's up with this Pokémon-inspired creature collection and battle game, it seems Spanish developer Crema has finally taken its first steps towards the Switch release - sending in the first, preemptive build to Nintendo for certification:

"...certification is a series of processes where the platform holder reviews our game and evaluates its current status to check its adequacy to release on said platform. This is just a first step in the process of getting the game set for the platform, and we’ll have to undergo further certification in the future, when the game is closer to launching, but we’re trying to anticipate and prepare for any possible hiccups by starting out early."

Crema goes on to mention how the "biggest challenge" so far is how visually heavy Temtem is - noting how it's working hard on optimisation:

"While this Switch build that we’ve just sent is not yet ready to be enjoyed by you, our players, we hope to clear this certification step right away so we can continue focusing on improving the game for the platform. Temtem, although some people won’t believe us, is visually heavy, and this is the biggest challenge in our path. We’re working hard on optimization to fit both visual excellence and good performance levels on the handheld, and once we polish and perfect any sector of the game we will make sure to share a video so you can see for yourself."

So, there you go - Temtem is getting closer to a Switch release. The developer also plans to keep fans in the loop by posting about future milestones.

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[source crema.gg, via nintendoeverything.com]