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Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Nvidia has reportedly been hit by the "mother of all cyber attacks" over the weekend (via TechPowerUp) - resulting in all sorts of leaks, and some of the findings have reignited speculation about a possible Nintendo Switch successor. It's got to the point where both 'Switch Pro' and 'Switch 2' are currently trending on social media platforms. Switch 2, in particular, has generated more than 25k messages on platforms like Twitter at the time of writing.

The takeaway here is that Nvidia may or may not be working on tech for a Switch follow-up, and even if it does lead to anything, it's not exactly a surprise.

Nintendo has reiterated time and time again how it's always researching new technologies, although it's also been saying for the past year now that it's only halfway through the Switch's lifecycle - hardware it believes can "go the distance" compared to previous generation systems.

Dataminer and Twitter user 'NWPlayer123' has provided a summary of the findings, noting how they could potentially be evidence of a 'Pro' model system rather than a "next gen" Nintendo platform:

NVIDIA leaks have "nvn2", which seems to be the graphics api for the Switch Pro, based on Ampere with ray tracing support and DLSS 2.2...

...There's also references to T234/T239 so this leak checks out

...even more evidence it's a delayed Switch Pro and not a next gen platform, especially since the president said the Switch is in the middle of its life

Once again, this is all speculative, and the findings in this leak may or may not lead to any announcements from Nvidia or Nintendo in the future.

This isn't the first time Nvidia has been in the headlines after a supposed leak. Last September, the company was believed to have suffered a games leak featuring titles like a Chrono Cross remaster. In response, it released a statement claiming it was a "speculative" list of titles.

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