Kirby Fishing
Image: Nintendo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is right around the corner and it's looking like our favourite pink hero's venture into 3D is a resounding success. Ahead of its release, we've put together a round up of some of the reviews released so far.

Before we do so, however, make sure you check out our own review on Nintendo Life. We gave the game a 9/10, stating that it is "bursting at the seams with fun and inventiveness, managing to transpose everything we know and love about past Kirby games to this all-new arena whilst adding plenty of delightful new aspects as it goes".

First up in our round up is Destructoid, who gave the game an impressive 9.5/10 and echoed the sentiments in our own review:

"I came in expecting a very serviceable Kirby adventure and got a lot more, but with those same straightforward and effortless virtues that past games have commanded."

IGN popped a lovely 8/10 at the end of their review, stating that the game makes a successful move into the third dimension:

"Despite the change in perspective, Forgotten Land maintains most of what I love about classic Kirby games – and if the future means more 3D adventures for our hungry pink hero, I’d be more than happy to swallow them up."

Gamespot was just as enthusiastic, whacking a 9/10 on their review and said it's the best Kirby yet:

"This is one of the best platformers on Nintendo Switch thanks to its brilliantly designed stages and a dynamic arsenal of abilities that consistently shake up the moment-to-moment platforming and action."

Meanwhile, Polygon was a bit more critical, stating that the game peaks a bit too soon for their liking:

"The cutscenes are gorgeous, and watching Kirby and friends take a nap in his little house is adorable (as it always is). But Kirby and the Forgotten Land burns too brightly, too soon, and that initial joy was hard to recall by the time the credits rolled."

Finally, Eurogamer popped a hearty "Recommended" on their review, calling the game a deep and generous experience with lots of replay value:

"The end result is a more generous Kirby than I've played before, and even once it's all over it's a Kirby that offers more excuses to go back than I can recall. Partly that's to unearth its secrets, to drag a partner through in co-op that's available throughout or just to spend a while longer in its warming radiance. Kirby and the Forgotten World is one of those games that can lift your mood within seconds, a power apparent from its delightful opening song - 'stuff your belly and nap awhile' - through to its outrageous climax."

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