Just yesterday, we reported on an app that you can download to turn your NES into a synthesiser (if you have the right tools, of course). But Swedish craftsman Love Hultén, known for creating bespoke technology fused with traditional woodcraft, has paid tribute to the classic console by building a conceptual synthesiser with NES buttons and a place to slot your cartridges in and play games on!

Called the NES-SY37, it includes an NES Poly Chiptune Synthesiser, a spring reverb, the hapiNES L (a multitrack chiptune synthesiser inspired by the RP2A07 — that's the sound chip you find in the NES) and a MIDI visualiser created by the artist p1xelfool.

Oh, and did we mention, not only can you create music on this, but you can plug in a controller and play any NES game you have a cartridge for on it, too? We did? Good.

You can see the care and attention that's gone into the build, from the use of the d-pad to the placement of the 'A' and 'B' buttons. Just look at and be in awe of it in these stunning photos:

Hultén has transformed other consoles too, with one of his other creations — the R-Kaid-R — making it onto the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Unfortunately, you can't buy these beautiful devices as they are one-of-a-kind creations, but Hultén does custom commissions, which you can order through his website. And if you like what you see, go and give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter too!

Let us know what you think of the NES-SY37 below, or even if you have any passion projects involving retro Nintendo consoles!

[source lovehulten.com]