Barbie 3DS
Image: u/Galdius

Across the Nintendo Life staff, we've probably collectively been in and around the games industry for at least a couple hundred years... and yet, there are still things that surprise us every day.

Today's surprise was finding out that one of the holy grails for 3DS collectors is a game called Barbie Groom and Glam Pups, in which you, Barbie, groom and glam pups. It's very self-explanatory, really.

But because the game was only released in the North American market in Canada, and not the US, it's a little hard to come by. It was also released in Europe and Australia, but for this one collector, they need it for their North American complete collection... which is a shame, because the PAL version sells for wayyy less.

In the comments, the collector says that he spent $1,600 on the game — "A few years ago it was around $700," they add. "Should have bought it back then."

Even checking the latest sales for the game on, it looks like Galdius paid above and beyond the usual asking price — assuming that the massive bump from $250 to $2,642 is the one Galdius purchased.

Unfortunately, Galdius' collection will soon be incomplete again, as new release Andro Dunos 2 is coming out on the 3DS, although it seems like no one really knows when their copies will arrive.

Here's Galdius' collection of 418 3DS games, before counting Andro Dunos 2 and the Barbie game:

How big is your 3DS collection? Do you have any games that are worth over $500? Let us know in the comments.