Believe it or not but the Atlus' fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is out on Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks.

Over the past day, the game page has gone live on Nintendo's Japanese website and eShop - giving fans a rough idea of the file size for the Switch version of the game. So, just how big is it? According to this shop it's 13.3GB and the site has it down as 13.4GB. Adding to this, the US eShop says it's 14.4GB in size.

In others words, you'll likely need about 15GB of free space if you want to download this game on your Nintendo Switch, so get that MicroSD card ready!

If you downloaded a copy of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax in the past, this file size may not necessarily come as a surprise. A response to the above tweet highlights how the original PlayStation 3 file size for the game caught many by surprise as well.

One other important thing to note here is that it's a digital-only release in the west (at least for now). A physical Switch release of this game has only been announced for Japan so far. We also found out earlier this week that the Switch version of the game won't be getting rollback netcode.

Persona 4 Arena
Image: Atlus

Will you be checking out this game when it lands on Switch on 17th March? Tell us down below.