There are just over two months to go until Persona 4 Arena Ultimax launches on Switch and Atlus has dropped a brand new trailer to keep the hype rolling.

Officially revealed for Switch last month, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a fighting game spin-off that blends the genre's more traditional one-on-one match setup, where players can select different characters that have unique movesets and abilities, with Persona's visual novel stylings to tell the story.

Alongside today's new trailer, Atlus has shared more details on what you'll get when picking up the digital version of the game:

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

The stakes are Ultimate, the tension is Maximum, the fight is…the ULTIMAX! Experience the latest entry into the beloved Persona 4 series with a thrilling fighting twist. Join the heroes as they combat an army of Shadows in the P-1 CLIMAX!

The game launches on Switch and other platforms on 17th March and will be priced at $29.99.

Are you looking forward to this one? Think you'll pick it up on Switch? Let us know in the comments.