Monster Hunter Rise Fight

Budding hunters can rise up to the challenge this week — if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, that is. Nintendo has announced that those using this service can try out Monster Hunter Rise for free! That surely means more than just a demo, with players able to access the full game for a limited time.

So, from 10 AM PST on 11th March to 11:59 PM PST on 17th March players can brandish their weapons to take down massive foes with friends. And even if a week doesn't sound that long, you can certainly squeeze in a lot of hunting during that time.

In our review of Monster Hunter Rise, we praised the quality of life updates to the franchise and the excellent multiplayer. So if our thoughts weren't enough nearly a year ago, maybe a jaunt against the giants will convince you.

Next week, we'll also be finding out more about the upcoming expansion, Sunbreak, so Capcom and Nintendo are likely eager to drum up as much interest as possible for the base game.

Will you attempt to take on the Rampage? And would you like to see more limited-time game trials through Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know in the comments!

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