Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo

MercurySteam's Metroid Dread has been breaking records everywhere since its release. And it's well deserved too because it's absolutely brilliant — if you've somehow missed it in the months since its October 2021 launch, check out our review to find out why!

And it looks like the latest entry in the space bounty hunter's adventure has just broken another huge milestone. According to Christopher Dring at, Metroid Dread is now the best-selling 2D Metroid game in the UK, and that's without digital sales.

Metroid has never been a huge seller — and we'll have to wait a little bit to get the exact figures for Dread and the franchise, so this UK-specific news is fantastic for the developers and Metroid fans, almost as good as rescuing that baby Metroid!

Equally as notable is that Dread is overall the third biggest-selling game in the whole franchise on this little island, behind only Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Metroid Dread hasn't even been out for six months yet, so the fact that it's already biting at the heels of these two 3D FPS titles is pretty remarkable.

Just last month, we reported that Metroid Dread was very close to becoming the best-selling entry in the franchise worldwide, and that was based on sales up until 31st December. So it's probably already got that crown. It feels like a far cry from 12 months ago, where we were desperate for anything Metroid-related, worried that the franchise would be over. We salute you, Samus.

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