Ninja Hideaway Mario Kart 8
Image: Nintendo

We've still got a few hours to wait until Wave 1 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass is playable here at Nintendo Life Towers, and so have most players in the West (most, but not all, it seems!). But it appears that the pass is now live in Japan, so many have managed to get started and get some practice in before decimating the competition online.

Some fans have managed to rip the music from the brand new courses, too, and oh boy, are those classic tracks nostalgia-inducing! Here's a couple we thought were worth highlighting to make the wait that little bit more unbearable.

We start with an N64 banger...

Choco Mountain is the oldest course in this first wave, and this takes many of us right back to our childhood. It sounds so similar to the original, but with a much-more prominent banjo sound at the start, and a bit of electric guitar in there, too.

Next up is one of the Mario Kart Tour tracks, Ninja Hideaway sounds pretty similar to the mobile version. When that bass kicks in? Perfection. Like Choco Mountain, the strings are way easier to pick out this time around, and it might just be our favourite here.

We had to pick this one out. Coconut Mall is a classic from the Wii era! No more midi horns, no more midi keyboard, and a much cleaner, clearer percussion at the start means this favourite still makes you want to groove as you drive through the mall.

Paris Promenade is much calmer than a lot of other Mario Kart songs, but it suits! A few instruments have been changed out from the Mario Kart Tour equivalent song, and this is another song where the percussion is softer, but it's really lovely-- just like an autumnal stroll through Paris.

Except you'll be getting blue-shelled here. And in a kart. Or on a bike. Or in a Blue Falcon.

We don't want to spoil all of them for you — and we can't take the blame if you clicked on the videos above! — but if you're curious, all of the songs have been compiled on Twitter, too.

Let us know what your favourite updated song is in the comments!