Sherlock Devils Daughter
Image: Frogwares

[Update, 24th March at 13:15GMT]

Frogwares has now confirmed that Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter will arrive on Switch on 7th April, thanks to assistance from external partners and remote workers based around Europe. Company CEO Wael Amr has also shared this message with regards to the company's Ukraine-based team.

Put simply, we need to keep the studio alive and functioning to the best of our abilities now more than ever. Nobody on the team is expected to work, only those who can and want to. Some on the team have become full-time volunteers in the humanitarian efforts around the country. Others have joined the defense forces. The rest are in various, safer locations abroad or around the country and have made themselves available to work remotely. And we continue to pay all of these people on the team. For those fighting or volunteering, each of their spots on the team will be waiting for them at the end of the war. But essentially it is through a collection of staff that either fled Ukraine to neighboring EU countries and those who have relocated to safer areas who are keeping Frogwares going right now. We are an independent studio with no external financing, investors, or parent company keeping us afloat. So it's up to us alone and through the support of our players wanting to play our games that will keep this studio alive. And as this war drags out more and more, we and people all around Ukraine are seeing that even if they are not involved in the fighting directly, they need to somehow keep things moving forward. So that when this is all over and it’s time to rebuild and restart, we are not starting from zero.

[Original Article, 23rd March at 17:00GMT]

Frogwares is a development studio with a continually growing reputation, for a number of years producing multiple Sherlock Holmes games and its own IP - The Sinking City.

The team is mostly based in Ukraine and Ireland, along with some other areas in Europe. The studio has shared a post to emphasize that it's continuing to work despite the challenges and dangers of the war in Ukraine, while making clear that another Switch title is on the way very soon.

The studio has been busy in the past year with a mix of new releases and a recent 'Redux' re-release on Xbox One / Series X|S. Below are the relatively recent titles in the Sherlock Holmes series (and one other Frogware IP) that haven't yet been on Switch.

  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (2012 - PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Magrunner: Dark Pulse (2013 - PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (2016 - PC, PS4, Xbox One and with a recent 'Redux' release)
  • Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (2021 - PC, PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One)

Of those The Devil's Daughter seems like a reasonable bet; on original release it was the game that immediately followed Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, which was recently ported to Switch and was rather good.

We'll see what Frogwares announces in the coming weeks; we hope that the Frogwares team and their loved ones can remain safe in these difficult times.

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