The Fortnite train just doesn't seem to be stopping, and after weeks of quiet on the new update, it was finally announced over the weekend.

Called 'Resistance', Chapter 3 Season 2 is bringing a lot of new changes to the ever-popular online game. The cinematic trailer showcases new vehicles, Marvel's Doctor Strange and Prowler, and some new movement options too!

One of the biggest, temporary changes to this season is that you're unable to build in the game's default mode. It's all for story purposes, mind you; it's got something to do with that good-old Stephen Strange appearing on Fortnite Island. Lots of players have wanted to see a "no build" mode for a while, so it'll be fascinating to see how this is received.

Epic Games has detailed all of the updates on their website, but some of the most notable include: increasing default movement speed, the Armored Battle Bus vehicle, a healing item for your vehicles, brand new weapons, and Overshield — which helps with resisting damage in the absence of buildings.

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