Switch Online
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Everyone has an opinion about the Switch Online service, and it seems former Nintendo employees are no different.

In a very honest reply to a fan question, former Nintendo Minute co-host Kit Ellis (who now runs a weekly podcast with Krysta Yang) has shared his own thoughts about Nintendo's current strategy of "drip-feeding" classic games.

It turns out he's a tad frustrated with the delivery of retro titles on the service, and while he didn't mind the initial NES and SNES offerings for Switch Online, he feels everything after that has been "kind of bad" for the most part and that there's no clear indication of what the plan is moving forward.

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"This is where I have an issue...I think giving people an indication of what the plan is helps, like how often am I going to be getting these...I think the initial NES and Super Nintendo games - those were awesome groups of games, but then everything after that has been kind of bad for the most part, and it became very inconsistent, so it's like are they basically done with this versus the stuff they dug up that I've never heard of...yeah, so that's what I get worried about where they added Nintendo 64 and Genesis - it's like what is the plan? I almost have more confidence in Sega to deliver their best Genesis stuff, than I do with the other platforms."

In regards to what other platforms Nintendo should add, Kit thinks Nintendo should perhaps give fans some "newer" systems because apparently Ice Hockey for NES just doesn't cut it nowadays.

"This is just me if I was still working at Nintendo, I would love to get something newer, cause this stuff is old...and if you're a younger player you're like what is this, and why would I want to play Ice Hockey on NES, that means nothing to me...a lot of those NES game are like early, early NES games that belong in a museum."

Krysta added how maybe GameCube games would help the situation, and Kit then reiterated how the company needs to be more transparent with its plans for the service.

"...it's just hard to get a handle on what am I getting out of this, so I think that would help a lot if they were just a bit more transparent about what the plan is for each of these tiers."

What do you think about Kit's feedback for NSO? Do you think Nintendo needs to provide more information about what it plans to do with the different online tiers in the future? Is it too inconsistent with the service? Leave your own thoughts below.

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