The Switch has been well served with older Assassin's Creed games, getting a number of ports that give players a lot of adventures to work through. The most recent arrival was Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection, including three titles that are regarded by some as the original peak of the franchise.

We gave this collection a recommendation in our review, but with some caveats, and the Digital Foundry assessment (above) seems similar on the technical front. In terms of the visuals, there are some interesting points on the detail and general 'look' lost from the originals when these games were reworked on PS4 / Xbox One. The further transition to Switch seems to have taken away some atmospheric details, leading to a 'clinical' appearance at times.

Presentation is generally reasonable outside of these flaws, while performance seems reasonable in docked play, especially. There are dips below 30fps, and these seem to be worse in handheld mode. Sadly, it seems that issues with audio compression (seen in previous franchise releases on Switch too) has continued over in this release.

The summary from Digital Foundry is below:

The Switch port of the Ezio Collection isn't without its faults but it's worth taking a look at. On the minus side, there are a range of graphical changes and cutbacks - some part of the original Ezio Collection release, but most unique to the Switch versions. That said, performance and image quality are mostly good: outside of some occasional hiccups with dynamic resolution scaling, the Switch release maintains a consistent 30fps and mostly hits its resolution targets, though portable mode can be noticeably unstable at times. For those looking to enjoy Assassin's Creed on the go, this collection should do the trick - but ultimately, the Ezio Collection falls short of earlier Switch Assassin's Creed ports. These aren't bad versions by any means, but they could have been better.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments if you've picked up this collection already, or if it's still on your wishlist.