It was a very welcome development when Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions was localised outside of Japan, and Bandai Namco has kept busy with updates and improvements. Right now the game already has plenty of content and solid online play, keeping long-term players and fans happy.

Bandai Namco has now confirmed the next major update and new DLC; update 1.4.0 (and a stability tweak with 1.4.1) are out now, and this includes some free content. Meanwhile, tomorrow (31st March) will bring the launch of paid DLC that will eventually add nine new playable characters (three initially).

One trailer is at the top of the article and the changelog is below (thanks, Gematsu), with another of the free additions showcased in a video further down:

  • The new Hirado MS Route has been added to “Episode: New Hero.”
  • You can now play Freestyle Matches, a new mode where the pitch goes digital and items offer a whole new level of strategy.
  • Downloadable content “Episode: Rising Stars” has been added.
    • By completing the downloadable content’s story, you gain access to a player with different skills for each story.
    • Downloadable content must be purchased separately and downloaded to use.
  • Play Assistance, a feature that provides support with the user interface as well as controls for actions during matches has been added.
  • A “Shop” option has been added to the Main Menu.
  • Items associated with Freestyle Matches have been added to the “PP Shop” and “CC Shop.”
  • A delay system for actions during online matches has been added and the communication system has been updated.
  • To improve connectivity, the animation for Critical Defense for all tackle moves have been changed.
  • An antenna showing the strength of the network connection with your opponent has been added to the online pre-match screen.
  • During online matchmaking, you will no longer be matched with an opponent whose network connection is extremely poor.
  • In Division Matches, the maximum number of usable Custom Players can now change.
  • In Division Matches, player skills and moves are now unlocked for customization from the start.
  • Some Shot Moves were coming out a distance away from where they were activated. They will now be shot from where they were activated.
  • The range of detection for all Block Moves at the time of activation has been changed from a cone to a circle.
  • The descriptions and effects of some Moves / Skills have been adjusted.
  • Stability improvements have been made.

A hefty update, all told. Let us know if you enjoy Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, or perhaps if you're tempted to pick it up.

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