Image: Pokémon

Subscriptions boxes are all the rage these days; from Loot Crate to BloomBox, it seems more and more are popping up with each passing month.

Amazon are no strangers to subscription services, but the company has now launched its first Pokémon t-shirt subscription service, offering a brand new design every month for the rolling price of $19.99 - this is a fixed price, regardless of which size or fit you choose.

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Judging by the solo image on Amazon's official product page, it's hard to judge exactly what kind of designs we can expect from the service, whether they'll be based on the games, the TV series, or just individual Pokémon; perhaps it'll be a mix of all three. Let's just hope you don't wind up with a Luvdisc design...

Will you be investing in a monthly Pokémon t-shirt from Amazon? Do you have any other Nintendo-related subscription boxes on the go? Let us know!

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