Trading has always been a key component of the Pokémon franchise, right the way back to the launch of the original Game Boy games. Nowadays, of course, trading is handled wirelessly, but back in the '90s we had to use cables to link up consoles and share 'mon – and it's that period of time that this recent My Retro Life video focuses on.

In case you haven't encountered the channel already, My Retro Life is the work of Tyler Esposito, a filmmaker who has a wealth of home movie footage recorded by his late father. He's been sharing these amazing clips for a few years now, and one of his latest looks at the process of trading Pokémon with friends.

It's easy to forget today that we were so reliant on wires back in the '90s (although the Game Boy Color had an IR port, lest we forget), but there's something comforting about this more innocent time. Do you have any fond stories to share relating to trading Pokémon with your pals? Let us know with a comment.