Although most of Valve's focus is likely on its new handheld system the Steam Deck right now, it's managed to find time to bring both Portal and Portal 2 across to the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, that's right - Portal: Companion Collection is coming to Nintendo's hybrid system later this year for just $19.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

Here's some additional information, which highlights a collab with Nvidia Lightspeed Studios:

"Portal: Companion Collection, developed in collaboration with @Nvidia Lightspeed Studios, includes the full single player experiences of Portal and Portal 2, as well as Portal 2's full co-operative game mode, which is playable via split-screen, local, and online multiplayer."

The first game debuted on PC in 2007 and the second game followed in 2011. In this series, you play as Chell - a silent protagonist who must escape facilities controlled by the artificial intelligence GLaDOS. To do this, you'll have to solve all sorts of puzzles with your special portal gun.

It's worth noting that this is technically the first time a Valve game has ever been released on a Nintendo system.


Will you be grabbing this two-in-one pack when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment down below.