Endflame's first-person psychological horror Ikai was originally scheduled for release back in October 2021, but is now arriving on Switch sometime in April with PM Studios on publishing duties. Additionally, in a move that will surely please lovers of the physical article, Numskull Games has confirmed that it's distributing physical copies of the game, although only in Europe.

Priced at £34.99 / €39.99, the trailer above gives you a good idea of the kind of horrific time you're in for. Set in the feudal era, Ikai draws inspiration from Japanese folklore and tells the story of a priestess battling dark spirits from her past and present. And perhaps future, although the press release doesn't mention that.

The main character isn't able to attack the assorted nasties in the game, though, with a focus on tension and "slow, precise and natural movement", as opposed to cracking out a shotty and getting all gung-ho with the grubby spirits giving you grief.

Ikai Cover Physical
Image: Numskull Games

Like the look of this one? It lands on Switch and other platforms in April sometime — let us know if you'll be picking up — or importing — a physical copy.