Langel Bookbinder
Image: Langel Bookbinder

Langel Bookbinder is a man with a vision. He's looking to bring his low-fi shooter GunTner to the NES in the form of a physical, 24kb cartridge – and he's trying to do it via a crowdfunding campaign.

GunTner's a shmup, but one that's filled with wild and wacky enemies. Here's a brief synopsis:

Get in your interstellar Rudy and span the cosmos against the 4th dimension. Only you and your furious pugilist piloting skills will get the cargo to its destination! You must succeed!! Really important, spoiled people are counting on you.

Bookbinder has already blasted past his initial funding goal of $3,000, and if the project passes $8400, backers will even get a proper box for the game.

Here's some PR:

Langel Bookbinder is presently developing a video game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. GunTneR, an open-source “shoot-em-up” project, has a simple goal: try to make the biggest gaming experience with the smallest programming space ever available for the console. To help make this endeavour possible, a Kickstarter was launched upon the Earth. The campaign was fully funded within 25 hours and continues to exceed expectations.

Bookbinder, infamous for running chiptune website Battle of the Bits for 16+ years, is applying all their retro gaming and software engineering skills to this project for the next six weeks or “until it feels done.” GunTneR’s Kickstarter campaign has just entered its final week for pledges.

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