Mario Hologram
Image: Seth A. Robinson

Remember the first time you saw a Nintendo 3DS running? The glass-free 3D effect was truly mind-blowing, and there's still a part of us that is deeply sad that the technology proved to be something of a dead-end.

Still, if you've got a hankering for something along the same lines and you have exceptionally deep pockets, then you might be interested to learn that game designer Seth A. Robinson has come up with a way of playing the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania on a $400 Looking Glass Factory holographic display.

In case you hadn't heard of this device – and we certainly hadn't before today – the Looking Glass Portrait can turn static photos into holograms. It's described as "the first system for personal 3D holograms" and allows users to "seamlessly turn Portrait-mode photos from your phone into holograms, create 3D masterpieces with our Blender plugin, or make interactive holographic apps with our powerful Unity and Unreal plugins."

Robinson has cooked up HoloVCS, a free plug-in for the device that allows certain games to run on the Looking Glass Portrait. You'll need the Looking Glass Portrait (of course), a Windows PC, the Holoplay driver and a reasonably decent graphics card to pull all of this off – and while the NES titles will run at 60fps, only the supported pair will display depth and 3D effects currently. Atari 2600 classic Pitfall! is also supported.

It's certainly a cool trick, and something of a bonus for those who already own a Looking Glass Portrait.