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Image: Toby Fox

Toby Fox has more talents than his name has syllables, and one of those talents is composing for video games — including his own, Undertale. And if you've heard any of the Undertale soundtrack, it's likely you'll have heard Megalovania, the bombastic retro-flavoured background music to a very important fight in the game. Here it is, because everyone needs to listen to Megalovania:

The song was originally composed for Toby Fox's Earthbound rom hack in 2008, and then repurposed for Undertale, but it was actually only made to replace the music Fox wanted to use — Megalomania, a boss track from niche Japan-only RPG Live A Live.

But Live A Live is about to be not-so-niche, as it was announced for the Switch on the Nintendo Direct on February 9th as an "HD-2D" remake, in the style of Octopath Traveler. Finally, almost 30 years after its release, we'll be able to hear Megalomania!

Here's a fun inclusion: Toby Fox's original composition of Megalovania:

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