Tent Flaps
Image: @11a11mrbox

Pokémon glitches are a big part of the series — remember Missingno.? — and Pokémon Legends: Arceus has its fair share. Sadly, they're largely graphical ones that don't give you cool powers.

As documented by a few people on Twitter, there's a particular area on the map in the Alabaster Icelands where the glitch occurs:

You don't have to run circles around Irina to get the effect, either — just walk in and out of the area:

There are other areas where a similar effect happens, like the apron of the shopkeeper in Jubilife Village. Look closely and you'll see it getting bigger:

According to one Twitter reply, the issue is that the transform scale vector is being incorrectly incremented. What does that mean? It means that the number calculations are broken, and they're doing things they're not supposed to. And that makes things big.

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