Pokémon IRL
Image: Vitreous_Glassy

If Pokémon were real, you can bet there would be a lot more posts on Twitter about Snorlaxes blocking the M25, or a Psyduck coming in through your cat flap. There would be Nextdoor rants about someone's neighbour having a really loud Kricketune. Facebook support groups for people whose cute pets evolved into horrible human-shaped monsters. Subreddits dedicated to... well, it's probably best we don't go down that road.

Artist Vitreous Glassy, AKA Audrey, took to Twitter to post her art which imagines a world in which Pokémon are not only real, but incredibly normal — an aging Girafarig, a goofy Houndoom, and a sleepy Bidoof all feature:

If Game Freak ever made a game that was anything like this, we would all die forever.

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